Here is a list of all of the videos available at The Perfect Follow. 

In these videos, I offer techniques that I have encountered that have helped my dancing.

Sometimes, I sit and reflect on a particular issue of interest to me, like what it take to be a good bachata dancer.

Here’s what we’ve got so far. Contact me in the comments on the blog or @ if you have suggestions for topics to cover. 🙂

TPF001: Frame Basics

TPF002: How to Spot

TPF003: Zouk Body Movement 

TPF004: Advanced Frame Theory and Tips

TPF005: Finding the Perfect Shoe

TPF006: Spinning in Place

TPF007: Travelling Spins

TPF008: Body Roll Mechanics and Drills

TPF009: Bachata Following Must-Dos

TPF010: The Secret to Hair Flips

TPF011: Follower 101: 10 Things Every Follower Needs to Work On

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