TPF 008: Body Roll Mechanics and Drills

In today’s video, I discuss what goes into a high quality body roll–one that is fluid, and well-controlled.

I look at what I consider to be the two most important skill sets that go into a good body roll: flexibility, and strength.

Then finally I discuss how to conceptualize it, and different drills you can do to improve yours ASAP.

Here: 🙂


If you’ve got questions let me know!!



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  1. David Phillips August 6, 2016 @ 5:24 pm

    The first thing that struck me as I watched the video was that it looked like you were looking at my chest! Ha, ha. I suspect you had a monitor positioned below the camera, and so weren’t looking directly into the camera, to look me in the eye. My suggestion would be to have the monitor well away from the camera, forcing you to periodically and intentionally to look away to check your framing.

    Regarding the bridge, I suspect some, perhaps many would not have the upper arm strength to push into a bridge from the floor. For them I suggest they back up to a wall, bend back and put their hands on the wall, then walk the hands down the wall as far as they can comfortably and safely maintain.

    I wish the camera framing had included more of your lower body.

    May I suggest that you check out a few videos by Vanessa Gauch, such as In addition to her great material and clear demonstrations – as you do – note how she so effectively uses simple graphics to enhance the message. This lets her create even more clear, shorter videos.

    Thank you for the ideas here. I work on posture all the time, and this will help.

    • Stefani August 6, 2016 @ 8:24 pm

      Super cool, thank you!! Great bridge suggestion 🙂

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